Monday, September 5, 2016

Onstage is two months away!

Onstage 2016 Savings Jar
Onstage 2016 Savings JarIsn't this jar so much cuter than those savings jars you see in the stores? I had the mason jar in my craft closet with some paint brushes inside. I wanted to start collecting change from purchases to set aside for my Onstage 2016 fund. I figure if I put my change in this jar I will be less tempted to spend it at the vending machine at work on snacks. I went food shopping yesterday and bought lots of snacks so this won't happen anymore. 
I am counting down the days so I might have to make myself a calendar to match my savings jar lol! I seriously can't wait to leave for Secaucus, New Jersey. I am going to be a super busy girl until the big weekend away, but I know it will all be worth it in the end.

A few things on my Onstage 2016 to-do list:
1. Promote to Bronze Elite in September so I can be recognized at the event. This is a biggie, but I am within reach so will be working extra hard over the next few weeks.
2. Create 16 display projects for the boards. I have my sneak peek product and gave myself some time to think about the projects I want to create before I dive in. I have two months now so time to start creating.
3. Make gifties for my roomies
4. Make swaps cards to swap with other demonstrators attending the event
5. Save a few extra bucks for the Product Purchase Premiere, hotel, and meals for the weekend. The other big ticket items of airfare & registration are already paid for.

Registration for Secaucus is still open as I write this post so if you have a long wish list and would like to sign up to join my stamping team you can join us at Onstage 2016.

After the event I will have to start a fund for Onstage 2017 in Utah. I am crossing my fingers hoping the dates won't conflict with our New Orleans trip.

I linked the products I used on this project below.

Happy Stampin',


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